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Guidelines: Conference

Guidelines to organize international conference/workshop/seminars and visit of foreign delegates.

  • Approval of the Director, NISER
  • Approval of DAE (use the format)
    1. Send the filled in format to rd2@dae.gov.in along with copy of the director's approval.
    2. Also consult the OM.
  • Approval of External relations (use the format)
    1. Send the filled in format to usexr@dae.gov.in along with copies of approval of Director & DAE.

For all approval along with filling up the prescribed format (wherever available), please send a cover letter. Attach copies of all prior approval and any other relevant documents.

Visit of foreign delgates

Keep the Office of International Affairs & Resource Planning (IARP) informed about the visit of approved foreign nationals (name, affiliation, date & purpose of visit) to your Department. This information can be emailed to: international@niser.ac.in .

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